Metabolic Syndrome


Looking at the whole constellation of issues and abnormalities that play into the diagnosis as well as ceasing out separate problem ares that must be addressed individually.

Researchers are still in the process of defining the exact cause of these medical conditions. Most believe there are a combination of genetic (inherited) factors and environmental contributor’s. The genetic issues can not be changed yet but by modifying ones lifestyle and diet patients can achieve years of disease free living. Possibly by postponing the development of hypertension, diabetes or heart disease for 5-10 years they can move into an era when treatments are much better. There is also a small but real chance that some of these states will be curable in the near future.

Obesity, sedentary lifestyle accelerate the development of insulin resistance. As insulin resistance worsens the effect of caloric intake excess if unchecked, it eventually leads to type 2 diabetes. What we used to call adult diabetes.


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