Impaired Glucose Tolerance


Impaired Glucose Tolerance: The inability to keep the blood sugar within normal parameters without assistance. May include LSC, Dietary Modification, OTC supplements and pharmacol therapy.

How it happens: The hormones produced by the pancreas (insulin & glucose) are intended to maintain the bodies blood sugar within certain parameters. If the blood sugar goes to low (hypoglycemia) the brain slows & then ceases normal function. Symptoms of lightheaded, blurred vision and confusion occur initially. Eventually if the blood sugar (glucose) falls even further the person passes out and a coma (diabetic coma) ensues. This extreme rarely happens and is usually the result of an accidental insulin overdose. As people who are genetically predisposed age or consume too many excess calories the insulin producing cells of the pancreases become overwhelmed with work and can not keep up. As they fall behind in insulin production the blood glucose begins to rise because it can not be transported into muscle cells or fat cells for storage.

As the blood sugar rises several of the bodies aging processes are accelerated. The muscles seem weaker due to lack of energy. The fats that would normally be stored in adipose (fat) tissue is left to circulate in the blood. This in turn, causes the triglyceride level in the blood to rise and causes the HDL or good cholesterol to fall. Both of these occurrences eventually raise the risk of premature heart disease or stroke (CNA).

This inappropriate rise in the blood sugar can be addressed several ways. Decreasing ones total caloric intake seems to be the most sensible. Increasing the level of activity and seems to be the most sensible. Increasing the level of activity and seems to be the most sensible. Increasing the level of activity and then exercise improves the bodies metabolism. Losing weight by any or both of these maneuvers will help as well as lower blood pressure. Reducing the quantities of “simple sugars” also helps as does a few over the counter supplements like cinnamon.


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